A+ Network+ Security+ Linux+ LProject+ LPIC Azure

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A +

Our A+ practice tests: 1,040 questions, 8 complete exam simulations plus 9 Domain Drills (one for each exam objective)

Network +

Our Network+ practice tests: 538 questions, 4 complete exam simulations plus 5 Domain Drills (one for each exam objective)

Security +

Our Security+ practice tests: 520 questions, 4 complete exam simulations plus 6 Domain Drills (one for each exam objective)

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Why Choose CertBlaster?

This video showcases the main features you will benefit from when preparing for your IT certification with the CertBlaster Exam Simulator. CertBlaster replicates the exam experience for IT engineering certification tracks with a focus on CompTIA, Microsoft, and Linux Professional Institute.

CertBlaster is proud to be a CompTIA Content Partner. As such we have submitted our practice tests for the CertBlaster test preparation products for A+, Network+, and Security+ to CompTIA and they have certified that these products do indeed cover 100% of CompTIA’s Exam Objectives for each test

CompTIA Certification Practice Tests & Exam Simulators

All of our online courses include practice tests which include questions and formats that you will find on the exams. What better way to get prepared than to actually take practice exams in order to determine areas where you might need to focus on further as well as to get yourself mentally prepared to be in the test taking environment. 

Even better, you’re able to do this all from the comfort of your own home! Take control, prepare, and level up in your career by getting these certifications.

CertBlaster CompTIA Certification: A Top Rated Test Prep

Since 2001 CertBlaster® has helped in excess of a million users prepare for their CompTIA certification exams. Year after year we add features, narrow our focus on the features that truly help our users and expand those capabilities and refine our approach. For starters though, we make sure we simply have a vast number of test prep questions – which is critical to your study and preparation. In addition to that find below a list of the major benefits CertBlaster brings to your exam preparation:


Questions matching each and every exam objective and sub-objective. Answers with detailed explanations.

Assessment mode

That, upon completion, will prepare your custom Personal Testing Plan (PTP) with a list of items to study just for you.

Certification Mode

Is the actual CompTIA exam simulation, the timer is set for the exam time, same type and number of questions as the exam and same distribution of questions per exam objective as the exam. This is like taking the exam from the comfort of your home! It will do wonders to you time management skills in preparation for the actual exam and help you avoid running out of time unexpectedly on the exam.